How to care for your Beeswax Wrap

Thank you for making the choice to use compostable beeswax wraps rather than plastic wrap. Now, you need to know how to care/clean for your wraps so you may get the most use out of them.

If you follow these tips, your wraps should last you the year until you need to refinish or replace them. You may throw them in the compost when they're done or use them as a fire starter, just wrap around some kindling!

1) Wash

Only hand wash in cold water, never hot, as this may take the wax off. Use very mild soap and rinse. Let dry.

2) Storage

Store in a cool dry place, never in direct sunlight.

3) Use

Avoid using your wraps for anything oily, saucy, or with raw meat for food safety reasons. Sauces and oils may stain your wrap.

4) Revive

If your wraps start looking crinkly, revive them by placing them in the oven for a few seconds (literally 10-15 seconds), until the wax gets a bit hot and the wrap can dry flat. Make sure to place the beeswax wrap on a compostable parchment sheet or something similar that you don't mind getting melted wax on. You may grate some new beeswax on top if you feel the wrap could use more wax again after several uses. Just brush it on after it melts.

There it is!

All you need to know to keep you beeswax wrap looking great. Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions below.


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